Thursday, October 11, 2012

Traveling Back to the Home Land

So I decided to make my North East trip a long three weeks. To Start my trip to NY I landed in Albany to visit my friends and family, and to work a little on the way. I worked at Rocks go-going which is owned by a friend of mine, people back home love me and hate me. Some people are plainly just jealous or doesn't understand what I do. Then worked on my way up to Ottawa Canada, Visited another club owners friend of mine and a few bartenders and I helped his mother move to another apartment which was an all day event.
 At the END of the trip I had to fit a little party that I heard about in NYC called Hustlaball. I also did a photo shoot with Edwin Pabon to do some advertising for Rentboy. I'll only put one pic that I got for a preview for what there is in store.

In the beginning of Sunday the 7th all of the performers that are going to be at the even had to show up early to see where the stuff was and what we were going to do. After that Me and some of the boys, Eli Lewis, JP Richards, and Colllin Stone went out to have some brunch and went shopping for the crazy night ahead. I was go-going the whole night.

I'm not much of a star I don't think but I do have my select fans that love me and have followed my work including this cutie that stopped me on the way to the club. Thank You so much Benjamin Ferris! any one reading, follow this sweet heart on twitter @dudeitsben

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Porn and all the Glory (Beginning)

I started this industry at the age of 18. Started with the glamorous Seancody in late September, and then early October of 2011. I only shot two scenes with them one solo and a duo with Calvin, I was known by Cole. Before I started I had a choice of three companies, CorbinFisher, Helix, or Seancody.

Thinking money wise and where I wanted to start off it was between CorbinFisher or Seancody. Then I thought about which site I wanted to be noticed by a bb/condom site or strictly condom site. So only leaves one which was Seancody. So I filmed two scenes with them, looked amazing and had no idea what the porn industry was about. a month or two later they contacted me with some RNA test that I had to do if I wanted to do another scene and turns out that Seancody is going bareback. Something that I didn't sign up for and I had to say no! No not because that I have HIV which I don't, no because I don't want to do BB on film and I want to keep my image.

From when I did the second scene with Calvin, we had breaks here and there, we started talking about porn and the topic of BB came up and we both agreed nothing would get us to BB on film and even though getting testing done I just wanted to keep the image but I guess everything you say at sometime or another will come back to haunt you and on January 1st proved to me that he lied like so many others I'm sure, he did the 3 way bareback scene that I was approached to by the V-P of the company to do. I turned them down, I'm sorry, I'm sure my fans would have loved me to do the scene but no matter how much money it would take I wont BB on film. so my time with Seancody was about 3-5 weeks long and thought it was going to be an amazing start which was but wasn't. So I concentrated on doing more escorting and looking for other companies that might be interested.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My experiences of the drug filled life of being a young boy

Drugs and all of the fun stuff

The first time I looked at drugs was when i was 12 years old. I had no Idea til I reached the 8th grade to learn what drugs are and what do they do to you. Later on in my teenage years I was hanging out with guys that smoked pot on a regular basis and was a normal thing for me to do as well. When I worked at Mcdonalds i was 16 and smoking before and after work was a normal routine.

My first boyfriend which I met off of ADAM4ADAM I drove all the way to Schenectady to meet him and it was around 11pm. We both sat on the couch and just chilled watching some Train movie that I forgot the name of. He asked me for a beer and why not I didn't want to seem like I was a little boy while he was 28. So we started drinking and talking about our past relationships and dramatic events that happened to us. We had many sleep overs just like this and it was amazing, there was some kind of click with us and then we went into his bedroom and by this time it was ready for bed but he wanted to download some illegal movie on his computer that we could fall asleep to. I was very anxious about being with a guy in bed for the first time. Mind you I was 17 and never had sex with a man. So when we were all comfortable in his big lovely bed. I started poking around and found his penis. It was quite large and I wanted to try to bottom. So long story short! We started fucking and then he pulls out this little white bag and said would you like to try some! I said sure. It was coke, I had never tried it before and I knew it wasn't going to be the last time. On July 16th I finished high school and wanted to move to the sin city Las Vegas on my own to attend college.

Being on my own I dropped out of college, started escorting, doing porn and found where to find the hard core drugs. I met a local porn star at this sex party (PNP) that I was asked to go to. I had no idea that this guy was going to be there or what it was about but when I walked threw the door I saw him there naked and I all I remember was starring at him and I noticed I was taking my clothes off to. But that's how we met and he was basically the one that guided me through the start of my porn career. He was a 29 year old muscular dream that I could have only dreamed about having sex with but was reality. He took care of me, cooked me breakfast, talked to me about his family and we fucked alot. It came to a screeching halt when he and his actual bf were starting to have problems but I made sure that his bf was not aware of me and my involvement with him. But some how he pushed me away and ignored that I existed, like blocking my number and reading my messages but not responding! This absolutely killed me and felt like I was being played again. I was thinking more into why he changed and he stopped talking to me. Many things were going threw my head He started to fall in love with me. He was scared that I only just turned 18, or He didn't want to poison me and give me HIV. Of course what I've came to assume was the worse. He was HIV positive and he takes medicine for it. I came to this particular conclusion is that he was always up early in the morning, when he had a client he would be gone longer than what he said, the last key of evidence that I saw, his bf on a4a stating that hes positive. Naturally I freaked the fuck out and was scared that I was walking around with a disease that I was not even aware of. I tried to put my self out there to him and let me know what I know what was going on and I needed help from him to comfort me or some how help me threw this process if I indeed have it. I know that in all of the times we ever had sex I came up his ass and that was it. So I was in some kind of percentage that I didn't have it. I waited 8 months before I had my breakdown to get tested and come to realization if I was positive or negative. I got tested in March of 2012 and then again on August 2nd. I'm happy to say that I'm HIV negative and clean as of today.
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