Thursday, October 11, 2012

Traveling Back to the Home Land

So I decided to make my North East trip a long three weeks. To Start my trip to NY I landed in Albany to visit my friends and family, and to work a little on the way. I worked at Rocks go-going which is owned by a friend of mine, people back home love me and hate me. Some people are plainly just jealous or doesn't understand what I do. Then worked on my way up to Ottawa Canada, Visited another club owners friend of mine and a few bartenders and I helped his mother move to another apartment which was an all day event.
 At the END of the trip I had to fit a little party that I heard about in NYC called Hustlaball. I also did a photo shoot with Edwin Pabon to do some advertising for Rentboy. I'll only put one pic that I got for a preview for what there is in store.

In the beginning of Sunday the 7th all of the performers that are going to be at the even had to show up early to see where the stuff was and what we were going to do. After that Me and some of the boys, Eli Lewis, JP Richards, and Colllin Stone went out to have some brunch and went shopping for the crazy night ahead. I was go-going the whole night.

I'm not much of a star I don't think but I do have my select fans that love me and have followed my work including this cutie that stopped me on the way to the club. Thank You so much Benjamin Ferris! any one reading, follow this sweet heart on twitter @dudeitsben